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Sandra Massey, LPC

Sandra Massey is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She received her Master of Science degree in counseling psychology from Texas A&M—Central Texas. She completed her internship at Central Texas Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse and her residency at Alleghany Highlands Community Services. Sandra has certification in PTSD through the Wounded Warrior Program of Virginia. She has experience in treating mental health disorders as well as substance abuse disorders. She has served individuals from  childhood to older adulthood. As a veteran of the United States Army, Sandra believes that service to God, country and community is of paramount importance. She looks forward to serving the people of the Alleghany Highlands.


Future Therapists

If you are an LPC, LCSW, or resident in counseling seeking employment in a client centered location please contact us or apply here.


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Dustin Butler, MA

Masters Level Resident in Counseling: Adult & Child Focus
License # 0704013360

Supervisor: Sandra Massey, LPC, Supervisor 
Dustin Butler is a Resident in Professional Counseling with a Master of Arts degree from Liberty University in Professional Counseling and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas in San Antonio.  Dustin has over three years of training in substance abuse counseling and case management at the Alleghany Highlands Community Service Board.  Before moving to the Alleghany area, he worked with the Texas state government on its programs of disaster behavioral health and refugee resettlement. Dustin, a native Texan who served in the United States Peace Corps, is experienced in working with 12-step programs and individuals in recovery for both mental health and substance abuse issues. As a husband and father, Dustin believes his family and his faith have inspired him throughout his career and personal efforts.  Dustin adheres to an existential school of thought, where issues of dysfunction, depression, anxiety, and hopelessness can be helped by finding our unique senses of purpose as individuals.  He looks forward to helping people in Alleghany County discover their joy and reach their full potential.

What is a Resident?

A resident is a master's or doctorate level professional pursuing a higher level of education or certification. Residents at HOPE are masters-level clinicians in pursuit of state licensure. They are supervised by Sandra Massey, a Licensed Professional Counselor.


When thinking about a resident, you may consider the medical field. Chances are if you have had a medical procedure or surgery in a hospital, you have met and have probably been treated by a resident in the pathway of achieving a medical license.

Residents are closely supervised and receive mentorship through a seasoned therapist who has been licensed and well trained. They also have access to a peer supervision group of well-established therapists with varying licenses. Having this varied mentoring approach helps the resident become well rounded and well supported, offering the client quality treatment.



Kathy Downey

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